electrician apprenticeships in the UK

What to expect on an electrician’s apprenticeship

electrician apprenticeships in the UK
You have heard about apprenticeship, but do you know why it is so important? Apprenticeship is basically like internship. However, apprenticeship involves physical and mental cooperation of the apprentice undeniably. The apprentice has to work like the shadow of a professional electrician in order to learn properly. He is given real life challenges to become prone to them and overcome them. He is supposed to give all his attention to work if he wants to succeed in a professional career of an electrician.

What are the time restraints?

According to the common law, the apprentice has to work for 600 hours with the electrician. He is supposed to take care of all the jobs assigned to him without a question. His jobs are a little difficult for an amateur but they prove helpful in terms of testing. The time period for working might be more difficult than in other internships. However, this is so because the job of an electrician requires tackling difficulties.

The 600-hour routine of an apprentice requires a hundred percent commitment without leaving a single minute. It is important for the apprentice to realize the importance of his duties within this time frame. Not only is the apprentice challenged mentally but also physically. There are some jobs set for him which include physical strength. This helps him understand the goal of an electrician’s job.

Some common apprentice jobs

Apprentices are given some common jobs to handle. These jobs include:

  • Making circuit drawings: these circuits are then used to solve problems that may arise in real time circuits. These drawings are necessary for an apprentice to be able to draw. In case the apprentice does not know how to draw, he may not be able to understand the circuit drawings as well. Therefore, coded drawing needs to be understood by the apprentice completely.
  • Provision of solutions: in order to keep the apprentice alert, he is given some problems to solve. These problems include the issues that arise in the circuit or electrical wiring of a house or office. These issues might not exist at the moment, but the mental ability of the apprentice to solve this problem is tested. An apprentice is trained to provide immediate solutions to and work with vigilance.
  • Offering physical help: the apprentice is supposed to help their appointed electricians with physical support whenever possible. For instant, the apprentice can help give required tools while the electrician is working. Basically, he needs to work like an assistant.

Advantages of an apprenticeship

young apprentice with tool box isolated on white backgroundAn apprenticeship is like an internship, only harder. It lets the amateur electrician explore his will and ability to become a professional electrician. The apprenticeship certificate is important as it provides a support in terms of making the person a professional. It is not only a professional certificate but also a self-exploratory and self-teaching experience. People are able to decide whether they can overcome the challenges of becoming an electrician or not. Furthermore, it provides an insight of the real job of an electrician. Apprenticeship is not advised, it is necessary if you want to become a professional electrician.

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