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child care nursery course

Home study childcare courses

child care nursery courseAs I’m sure you’re very well aware working with children is a complete joy and is a career that is high up on the rewarding scale. Any career where you’re working with children and are able to help them to learn and develop is a worthwhile career indeed.

What is the home study option?

Ok so just because you cannot commit yourself full time to your studies doesn’t mean you can’t study to work with children, you’ll just be learning a different way that’s all. You’ll still be gaining all the knowledge that will be required when you work with children, it’s just that you’ll be completing your studies in the comfort of your own home and at the pace you’re able to go at. It really doesn’t matter how long you take studying from home and that’s the beauty of home study courses, you really don’t have to commit yourself full time or even part time in order to succeed to being able to work with children and the joy that brings. It really is the perfect option if you just have no extra time on your hands to juggle family life or other work commitments. You get the opportunity to work when you want, the hours you are able and where you want. It’s the freedom option that makes this way of studying so appealing.

What will my home study course include?

All you need to meet the required standards are included in your course there really is nothing to worry about. You’ll get the recognised award once you’ve successfully completed your course. These qualifications are industry recognised by the awarding bodies making sure that all you need to have is in your course. You’ll be learning exactly the same as someone who has been studying full or part time at college, you’ll be at exactly the same level of learning as them all you’ve done differently is you’ve been studying at home in your own time.

I have no previous experience, does that matter?

You really don’t have to have any previous experience in working with children before you can enrol on a home study childcare course. You may have to start your training at the very beginning and then work your way up but don’t worry about this all home study course providers will have a wide range of childcare options available, exactly the same as the ones you’ll find at a college or training centre.

However if you do have some previous experience but who’s looking to broaden your portfolio then that’s fine too, there’ll be great courses out there for you also, which can all be done in the comfort of your own home and you can still carry on with your current job.

The course will be delivered to your home address or via email the choice is yours. You’ll also have a tutor who’ll always be on hand to offer their help and support and will answer any questions or problems you may encounter as you go through your course. Once you complete an assignment you then send it to your tutor either via post or email and then he or she will mark your work and will send it back to you with your results and will provide you with detailed notes on how you’ve done in the assignment.

It really doesn’t matter how long it takes you to complete your course that’s what’s great about home studying however most courses can be completed in a year and if you’re going for a Diploma then of course this will be longer.

What will my home study course cost?

Home study childcare courses can cost anywhere between £250.00 and £3,000 depending on the course you want and also the training provider. These figures do seem to be a lot of money and of course they are but you must remember you’re doing this for your future prospects and you really are investing in your future, just think when you’re earning a great salary these figures will be totally insignificant.

Check out a few course providers making sure that one isn’t cheaper than the other because you’re not getting the same standards, make sure all that you require is in your course, that’s really important. Also make sure that the course provider will provide you with your certificate at the end of your studies and that their qualifications are industry recognised with an awarding body like CACHE for example.

CACHE is an awarding body here in the UK but their qualifications are recognised all over the world, so just imagine once qualified you’ll be able to get work all over the world! Potential employers will be really impressed by these qualifications and your award from CACHE. They will be much happier knowing that they’ll be employing someone who’s more than capable at doing their job properly.

For more info on childcare careers and qualification requirements take a look at www.childcare-courses.com and http://www.cache.org.uk

Ok so there you have it, home study child care courses, as you can see it really is a great option if you’re pushed for time and just cannot commit yourself. This really is the stress free way of studying and broadening your portfolio in working with children, which really is a lovely career to be involved in. So good luck with it all I really hope it goes well for you. All the best!