plumbing training courses

Plumbing Training Courses

plumbing training coursesOne of the best ways of entering into the plumbing industry is through training centres. As a faster alternative to the more traditional route of taking a plumbing apprenticeship, training centres allow you to get really hands on with your chosen trade. At the training centres you will cover everything you need to know about the plumbing industry both the theory and practical sides of the course.

Training centres have been purpose built for the construction industry and is one of the best routes for entering into this exciting trade.

Training centres can be found all over the UK so chances are you’ll find one fairly close by to where you are based and if not there is the option of staying close to the training centre while you train, this will cut down greatly on travelling expenses.

You don’t need any formal entry qualifications to begin your training so absolutely anyone can learn to become a plumber and you will be taught by the very best to ensure that you get right up to the high standards that are required for this industry.

The training centres will cover all that you will ever need to know about the plumbing trade through their theory lessons and also the practical workshops where all the theory comes into practice.

Before you do sign up to a training centre make sure that they are City & Guilds registered, this is important as they will ensure that you are being trained up to the highest of standards.

Once you have successfully completed your course you will be awarded with your City & Guilds technical certificate, this certificate is your proof that you have all the skills, knowledge and experience needed to carry out a job properly and safely.

The training centres offer both part time and full time courses so if you cannot commit to a full time course for whatever reason, whether it be other work commitments or just family life don’t think you cannot train because you can thanks to the part time option. That is one of the reasons why training to become a plumber at training centres are so popular, it’s because they offer so much flexibility to their students. It doesn’t matter how long it takes as long as you get there in the end, whether it takes weeks, months and sometimes even years.

If you do go for the full time option then you can expect to be finished in 4 to 8 weeks.

The training centres are fully equipped with the latest mod cons.

The course will include:

  • Level 1 certificate to plumbing
  • Level 2 Diploma in access to Building services engineering

These courses can be used a stepping stone to higher ones by a way of broadening your work portfolio. These courses are ideal if you are looking to become a trainee plumber or an apprentice.

It is highly recommended that as soon as you begin training as a plumber you should try and find a work placement. This will then allow you to have even more hands on experience of the trade which will be of great benefit to you when it comes to the practical sections of your Diploma.

Classrooms and workshops

This is where it all takes place, obviously the theory lessons will take place in the classrooms and then the practical sections will take place in the modern, fully equipped workshops. In the workshops you will be carrying out tasks that a plumber would encounter in their daily lives for instance, bathroom installation, fittings and systems and also pipe work. All you need to complete your course will be provided by the training centre so there is absolutely nothing you will need to buy or bring with you (except yourself)

The price of the courses

The bad news is that courses don’t come cheap you can expect to pay on average £4,000 and £6,000. The point to remember is that yes these are high prices but it is an investment in your future and once you do become a qualified plumber your earnings will be much higher than these figures which will eventually seem very insignificant. Remember that plumbers are in high demand and you could be one of them reaping the rewards.

What’s an NVQ

To become a “fully qualified” plumber you will need to gain your NVQ award and this award is your proof that you have all the skills, knowledge and experience needed to carry out a job safely and competently.

Once you start working for a plumber as an employee or a self employed plumber for yourself all you have to do is to ask for an NVQ assessor to come and visit you at your place of work and then they will watch and mark you as you complete different tasks and then if they are happy with what they have seen you will be awarded with your NVQ award. By receiving this award you are far more likely to gain extra work and you will see your work portfolio broaden.

Ok so that’s about it from me I do hope my article has helped gain you some more info on training centres and the courses they provide. They are one of the best routes into the construction industry and I really do hope it all works out for you.

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